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We want to tell Nele's story and all the inspiring tales surrounding her fellow digital sorceresses and sorcerers, fighting for the good in this world.

We want to inspire everyone to make the world a better place and become digitally literate. And we want to entertain readers with our enthralling stories.


The first book was published in October 2016 and we work hard to get the next book published end of spring 2017. Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get special invitations and sneak peaks into our work.

How many Books?

We are working on 4 books and our goal is to have continues stream of shorter books telling the stories of Nele's fellowship. The books can be read independent but for sure it's more fun to read them all.

How can I help?

We always need helpers to spread the word, give us input for new stories and do the right thing. So subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and if you have a special idea just send us some Mail.

Is Nele real?

That will stay a mystery; if she exists, her real name is not Nele and we would not use the real people involved in the stories. But we might believe that there is someone out there like her, doing good things and helping talents to become real knights of the current time.

Will they choose me?

If you give your best to become a digital wizard and learn the ways of the net, you might receive a message some day. And if you don't get it, you still can use your powers to make the world a better place. Just make sure that you always stay on the right side of the law.

Does the fellowship really exist?

If you read carefully you might guess that they wouldn't give us the information to prove it, as they would want to continue to fight for the right in this world.

Who is behind this project?

At the moment we are a team of three, our editor and writing genius, our comic artist creating breathtaking emotional illustrations and the lead author composing the stories.

Hacker, Cyber, "Some-Hat"... Arg????

If you hear the word hacker, it's most probably used in the wrong way, and we do not dare to define it's meaning. Look it up in a smart search engine and you'll find explanations. Cyber on the other hand is a word mostly misused to make something seam especially computer or network related. Today everything is melting together with the digital world to the point that we do not add the word "internet" because everything is "internet" related. It's the same way as we do not say "physical" when we talk about common objects. But language is created to understand and be understood. This means we are sometimes forced to use words wrongly to get the general public to listen. Please help us to use better words, please help us to use better explanations...

More about the fellowship of cyber powers.


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