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Hi. They call me Nele…

Roughly eight years ago I fought my way free from an evil religious cult with the help of some old cyber nerds. Little did they know how far this journey would take them. Little did they know what power they unleashed, what movement they started.

The capacity to bend cyberspace to our will gave me the ability to escape and it gave me the energy to fight some of the darkness in this world. So we founded our fellowship that helps people in need all over the world.

We focus on young cyber talents. When we see the glow of the cyber force in a young neglected talent, we give them a chance. We give them the possibility to prove their potential and develop it to it’s fullest.

Now after these years of adventures we decided to open up a part of them to the public. We decided to write down our stories so everyone can see the magic that hides in the vast of the internet. So I’m very happy to work with an amazing team of writers and illustrators that capture what we experienced any bring it into enjoyable form.

The stories go into deep dark areas, through pain, sorrow and fear. Sometimes they lead to new lives, happiness, independence and freedom. Sometimes they lead further into darkness.

Reading about your own stories is somewhat strange. On the one hand it gives you the feeling of acceptance and appreciation; on the other, it can make you feel strange and misunderstood.

I’m happy to give you some of the first insights into the fellowship here on Medium. Hopefully I’ll get you interested into finding and fostering your talents. If you think casting spells to chase away evil ghosts or lifting spacecraft with your mind is rad, then you should learn how powerful the real life cyber force is. A real force, a force that is out there, a force that you can learn to master!

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Some common Questions:

  1. My actual “real name” is not Nele. But I got used to “Nele” and I like it.

  2. Yes, I look pretty similar to the images they drew.

  3. Yes, our mission continues out there somewhere.

  4. No, we are not affiliated with any group you may know.

  5. We are very happy to give you input to learn the force.


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