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Review: "...Fast paced and brilliantly written..."

Another insightful and smart review from a vivid reader and literary critique in the united kingdom..

...Felix connects the two genres seamlessly and I loved reading about Nele and her world of using cyber-space to help people who are in trouble and to train them to help others alongside her. I thought that the concept was fantastic and showcased how good Felix is as a writer... I can’t wait to carry on reading this series as I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how Ayden uses his talents to help people and how the world of the ‘cyber talents’ grow... Ayden’s Choice is a superb book that I thoroughly recommend; it’s a type of book that I rarely see in the young adult genre and I think Sam Felix is an author that we all need to keep our eye on as he is showing such amazing promise ... Read the whole Review from Kirsty Hanson.

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