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Jane pays Bitcoins to stop "WannaCry" for a Game character?

Jane payed WannaCry to get her Fallout player profile back.

As Jane has a special story and a very particular set of skills, she doesn't invest as much time in her digital powers as she should. Still she went through basic training, has a fair amount of practice with the net-sword and even learned connection-defense. But she loves Fallout and she can be fairly lazy. She actually payed real Bitcoin money to get WannaCry removed so she could access her beloved Fallout personalities. From now on she has to run our Fellowship-Linux on every machine and Yolti started to get Fallout 4 running on Wine or VirtualBox.

We give away this comic strips under the creative commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International) - download Jane's WannaCry Comic as high resolution PDF.

PS: Community Input: It's absolutely OK to run Windows, as long as you update it, backup it and stick to some basic security rules.

#comics #jane #nele #gaming #bitcoin

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